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Thule Professional Systems

The Thule Professional load carrier system is a unique solution designed specifically for the really tough demands of on-the-move professionals.? With Thule Professional, you can tailor the system to meet your specific on-the-job needs and requirements. So find the solution that is perfect for you. Just mix, match and attach. ?All products and components are designed and manufactured specifically for heavy-duty, professional use.


A uniquely designed bar with a high load capacity, that enables the fitting of multiple accessories.


Unique tri-slot design (top, rear and bottom) ensures maximum flexibility, making it possible to fit a range of innovative accessories that can be used independently or together.


Built using highly robust aluminium helping to enable a high load capacity and extra long service life.


The aerodynamic design of the Heavy-Duty Bar means minimum wind resistance for better fuel economy, while helping to promote a professional image. ?Fit for different work vans. Available in six different lengths making it a perfect solution for most types of work vans or your entire fleet.