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Thule Wing Bar

The Thule WingBar takes all the design, strength and safety that Thule is known for and combines it with the most modern of aerodynamics.

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Features include:

  • WindDiffuser™. Extremely silent through wing shaped profile in combination with structured rubber-insert.Thule WingBar generates 90% less sound energy than the Thule AeroBar.
  • SmartSlide™. Easy to use through innovative length scale list.
  • TrailEdge™. Designed to reduce wind drag and improve fuel economy.
  • WingPlug™. Easy fixation of accessories through top T-track and innovative end plug.
  • Excellent Aerodynamic properties, drag force is reduced by 55% vs. Thule AeroBar (860-869).
  • Smoothly curved aerodynamic profile for best appearance.
  • Designed for the high standards of the automotive industry, the Thule WingBar has a maximum load of 100kg and is ISO City Crash and TÜV GS approved.
  • Fit all Thule Rapid System load carrier feet.
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