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Roof Racks

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RCS offer a range of roof rack systems from Thule, Rhino, Whispbar, Rola and Yakima. As no one manufacturer makes a product that suits every vehicle model and every load carrying application, we are able to mix and match from the range we stock to provide the most correct system for you.

Thule Evo Clamp Mount 7105 1

Thule Evo 7105 Clamp Mount

Thule have improved on their 754 system with the brand new 7105. This is the strongest clamping mount rack... 

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Thule Evo Raised Rail 7104 1

Thule Evo 7104 Railing Bar Mount

Thule's brand new fit for vehicles with roof rails, with an updated design and tightening system, this foot fits... 

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Roof Carrier Systems - Thule WingBar Edge

Thule WingBar Edge Fixed And Solid Rail Mount

The WingBar Edge from Thule is the pinnacle of roof rack technology. Thule have produced their first flush-bar style... 

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Thule WingBar Edge For Raised Rail

Thule have produced their first flush-bar style aero bar, taking aerodynamics and style to a new level. Combined with... 

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Roof Carrier Systems - Thule 753-751

Thule 753 Fixed And Solid Rail Mount

Made to suit vehicles with fixed points located in the roof and integrated roof rails, the 753 provides a... 

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Roof Carrier Systems - Thule 754

Thule 754 Gutterless Clamp Mount

Thule have improved on their 750 system with the 754. This is the most secure clamp mounting rack that... 

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Roof Carrier Systems - Thule 757

Thule 757 Railing Bar Mount

For vehicles with roof rails. The universal mounting kit incorporates a load bearing rubber pad and contoured attachment clamp... 

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Roof Carrier Systems - Thule 951, 952 & 953

Thule 951, 952 & 953 Gutter Mount

For vehicles with roof gutters. There are a range of attachment clamps and support heights to suit each vehicle... 

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Thule Wingbar Evo 1

Thule Wingbar Evo

Thule's new Wingbar Evo has made it easier than ever to load and unload products to your bars, without... 

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Roof Carrier Systems - Thule Wing Bar

Thule Wing Bar

The Thule WingBar takes all the design, strength and safety that Thule is known for and combines it with... 

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Roof Carrier Systems - Thule Slide Bar

Thule Slide Bar

Constantly looking for ways to make the loading and unloading of your gear easier, Thule have created the Slide... 

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Roof Carrier Systems - Thule Professional

Thule Professional Systems

The Thule Professional load carrier system is a unique solution designed specifically for the really tough demands of on-the-move... 

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Roof Carrier Systems - Thule Short Roofline Adapter

Thule Short Roofline Adaptor

Thule’s Short Roofline Adaptor helps fit racks to 2 door cars. When a car has only 2 doors, it... 

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Roof Carrier Systems - Thule One Key System

Thule One Key System – One Key Locks All

Thule One Key System makes it easier for those who complete the load carrier with lockable accessories. By simply... 

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Rhino-Rack 2500 Leg Bracket

The Vortex 2500 multi fit has through bar styling to provide a greater area to carry your load.
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Rhino Backbone 1

Rhino-Rack Backbone Mounting System

Rhino's Backbone Mounting System allows for fitment of their Pioneer range to select range of vehicles. They grant a... 

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Roof Carrier Systems - CXB

Rhino-Rack CXB Leg Bracket

The Heavy Duty CXB is a universal fitting for most station wagons, 4WDs, canopies and commercial vehicles fitted with... 

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Rhino-Rack RCP Leg Bracket

Rhino has made a great update to their RLCP Leg Bracket. Their new RCP Leg Bracket comes in two... 

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Rhino-Rack RLCP Leg Bracket

The Vortex RLCP is a new specialised system each specially designed with fixed point mountings for a specific vehicle.... 

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RLT600 1

Rhino-Rack RLT600 Quick Mount Leg Bracket

Rhino's RLT600 has made it quicker than ever to mount roof racks to a track system. Ideal for quick... 

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Roof Carrier Systems - Rhino RLT

Rhino-Rack RLTP & RLTF Leg Bracket

The Rhino-Rack Vortex RLT is a permanently mounted track mount system that requires specialist fitting. Can be fitted with... 

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Rhino-Rack Vortex 2500 RS

The Vortex 2500 RS has flush bar styling to be as unobtrusive as possible while still offering optimal strength.
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Rhino ROC 1

Rhino-Rack Vortex ROC Flush Bars

Rhino have updated their Vortex 2500 flush bars. The new Vortex ROC Flush Bars are unobtrusive and stylish.
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Rhino-Rack Vortex RSP

The Vortex RSP pad mount roof rack system has a sleek stylish look that complements your vehicle while providing... 

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Rhino-Rack Vortex RVP

The new Rhino Rack Vortex RVP provides strength and durability, all the while complementing your vehicles look. The RVP... 

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Rhino-Rack Vortex SX Leg Bracket

Modern aerodynamic design for wagons and 4WDs with roof railing. Includes security mounting bolts and a rubber buffer trip... 

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Roof Carrier Systems - Rhino RL

Rhino-Rack RL Leg Bracket

Rhino’s heavy duty gutter mount supports are rated to 50kg per bar. Can be fitted with a complete range... 

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Rhino-Rack Ladder Rack Systems

Since its inception, Rhino Rack has made specialty ladder rack systems a major part of its range. With stringent... 

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Roof Carrier Systems - Whispbar Flush Bar

Whispbar – Flush Bar

The Prorack Whispbar flush bar is ideal if you are looking for a more streamlined ‘factory-fitted’ look. The Whispbar... 

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Roof Carrier Systems - Whispbar Rail Bar

Whispbar – Rail Bars

Whispbar rail bars sit in between the car’s rails to give that flush, factory fitted look. The Whispbar rail... 

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Roof Carrier Systems - Whispbar Through Bar

Whispbar – Through Bar

The Whispbar through bar extends over the mounting foot to accommodate wide or larger loads. The Whispbar through bar... 

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Roof Carrier Systems - Whispbar Heavy Duty

Whispbar – Heavy Duty

Whispbar HD bars are an aerodynamic heavy duty bar that can be fitted to nearly any vehicle. With a... 

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Yakima Lock n Load

When the going gets tough… you want racks you can rely on. LockN’Load has been designed from the ground... 

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