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Rhino-Rack Pioneer Alloy Platform 6

The Pioneer 6 Platform is the ultimate roof rack that expands your adventures—not just your vehicle’s capabilities. Designed to be the pinnacle of engineering, the Pioneer 6 Platform is a leap ahead of our already impressive predecessors and challenges the boundaries of aerodynamics and durability. Born for the trailblazers, forged without compromise, the Pioneer 6 Platform isn’t just an extension of your vehicle—it’s an expansion of your potential.

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“Our strongest and most versatile roof rack ever, yet it still boasts up to a 60% reduction in drag, a 20% reduction in weight, and 25% more usable channels—enabling every inch of the platform to be utilised for mounting accessories. Quieter and lighter than ever, our unique alloy components and scuff-resistant coating ensure there’s no compromise on quality, allowing you to load more than ever before without sacrificing your gear for adventure. With integrated wiring capabilities, additional east/west mounting channels, and the most comprehensive ecosystem of accessories on the market, the Pioneer 6 Platform makes you the Pioneer of your adventure!”

  • Quietest & lightest Rhino-Rack Pioneer Platform… Ever!
  • Up to 60% reduction in drag from its predecessor
  • Stronger alloys that maintain strength but reduce weight by 20% too
  • No channel apertures make 100% of the platform usable for mounting accessories
  • Improved performance with up to 25% more usable channels
  • Our hardest coating ever, reducing damage and scuffs
  • East/West mounting channels for more mounting options than ever before
  • Integrated wiring capabilities?within all?extrusions
  • Detachable wind fairing inserts in leading-edge further enhance drag reduction
  • Most comprehensive ecosystem of accessories for mounting everything from kayaks to fishing rods in seconds
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Product Variations

Model Name

Dimensions LxW

Weight Kg

Model Name: 62100
Dimensions(LxW): 1500mm X 1240mm
Weight(Kg): 16.2 kg
Model Name: 62101
Dimensions(LxW): 1500 X 1380
Weight(Kg): 18.6 kg
Model Name: 62102
Dimensions(LxW): 1900 X 1240
Weight(Kg): 21.4 kg
Model Name: 62103
Dimensions(LxW): 1900 X 1380
Weight(Kg): 24.5 kg
Model Name: 62104
Dimensions(LxW): 2100 X 1430
Weight(Kg): 26.5 kg
Model Name: 62105
Dimensions(LxW): 2700 X 1472
Weight(Kg): 34.5 kg
Model Name: 62107
Dimensions(LxW): 2100 X 1240
Weight(Kg): 22.8 kg
Model Name: 62108
Dimensions(LxW): 1800 X 1430
Weight(Kg): 23.9 kg
Model Name: 62109
Dimensions(LxW): 1300 X 1240
Weight(Kg): 14.8 kg
Model Name: 62110
Dimensions(LxW): 1300 X 1380
Weight(Kg): 16.9 kg
Model Name: 62111
Dimensions(LxW): 1300 X 1430
Weight(Kg): 17.1 kg
Model Name: 62112
Dimensions(LxW): 900 X 1430
Weight(Kg): 12.5 kg
Model Name: 62113
Dimensions(LxW): 1500 X 1430
Weight(Kg): 18.8 kg