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Bike Carrier Laws (VicRoads)

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VicRoads Rules and Regulations Regarding Rear Mounted Bike Carriers.

What is the law?

You can be fined if:

  1. the correct number plate is not attached on a bike rack and the vehicle number plate is obscured by the rack,
  2. the number plate is illegible,
  3. the bike rack number plate is not illuminated at night and clearly visible from 20 metres away. The Thule Lightboard is available from RCS.

A bicycle rack is usually fitted to the towbar or attached to the boot of your car.
Safety tips:

  • The sharp edges of the bike rack number plate can be covered by surrounding the bike rack number plate with a protective soft trim surround. These are available from VicRoads (a fee applies).
  • Stoplights, tail lights and vehicle indicators must not be obscured by either the rack or the bicycle(s).
  • Make sure that the rack and its attachment to the vehicle (usually the towbar) are strong enough to carry the bicycle(s). (Check with the towbar manufacturer).
  • If the bike rack is fitted to the towbar, ensure the towbar is securely attached to the vehicle.

Do not overload the vehicle by carrying too many bicycles.


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