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Rhino-Rack Pioneer Alloy Tradie Rack

The Pioneer Alloy Tradie Rack from Rhino is one of the sturdiest and functional racks on the market. Suitable for most 4WDs and SUVs, the Pioneer Tradie Rack is great for carrying plenty of camping gear and doesn’t look too bad either. The Pioneer has been tested in Australia’s most rugged conditions and will stand up to just about anything your throw at it.

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Features include:

  • Aerodynamic in shape,
  • Aluminum molded side rails,
  • Non-corrosive components,
  • Strong and durable,
  • Optional accessories include holders for jerry cans, gas cylinders, hi-lift jacks, shovels, spare wheels,
  • Fits directly to Rhino feet, meaning less height and no extra cost for bars,
  • Four sided and flat Pioneer trays are also available.
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Product Variations

Model Name

Dimensions LxW

Weight Kg

Model Name: 45100B
Dimensions(LxW): 1528 X 1236
Weight(Kg): 21.5
Model Name: 45101B
Dimensions(LxW): 1528 X 1376
Weight(Kg): 22.5
Model Name: 45102B
Dimensions(LxW): 1928 X 1236
Weight(Kg): 26.5
Model Name: 45103B
Dimensions(LxW): 1928 X 1376
Weight(Kg): 29.5
Model Name: 45104B
Dimensions(LxW): 2128 X 1426
Weight(Kg): 32.5
Model Name: 45107B
Dimensions(LxW): 2128 X 1236
Weight(Kg): 27.5
Model Name: 45108B
Dimensions(LxW): 1828 X 1426
Weight(Kg): 28
Model Name: 45109B
Dimensions(LxW): 1328 X 1236
Weight(Kg): 17.5
Model Name: 45110B
Dimensions(LxW): 1328 X 1376
Weight(Kg): 19.5
Model Name: 45111B
Dimensions(LxW): 1328 X 1426
Weight(Kg): 21